High forked-daapd cpu usage?

So there I was playing with Rhythbox and bemoaning the non-existant DLNA support when I noticed (even though it’s always been there) the DAAP plugin. “What is this DAAP of which you speak?” I thought, and ended up installing mt-daapd. Turns out DAAP is rather good, and there’s even a very useful Android app for it, so I’m quite keen to continue with it. Now mt-daapd hasn’t been maintained for years, and according to the man who forked the project and created (by his own admission) the terribly named forked-daapd you’d need to be a confirmed stick in the mud…
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Attachments missing with altermime and postfix

We recently experienced a problem with attachments going missing when using altermime to add a disclaimer to emails. The problem was only evident when the client was Outlook or Entourage (mange tout Rodney, mange tout). It was a real head scratcher as some emails would go through fine, others would be oddly truncated. I even resorted to ‘catting’ out the email to file before and after applying the disclaimer, and then running diff on the resulting pair of files, but there was apparently no difference bar of course the added disclaimer text. After protracted googling by myself and a colleague,…
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Drupal Calendar 0000 glitch

If you use the Drupal calendar module and wonder why the navigation links always link to the year 0000, there is a simple fix. Open up the file sites/all/modules/calender/theme/theme.inc and after this stanza (lines 19-23): // Create the links to other displays. $now = date_now(); $url = $view->get_url(); $view->date_info->url = $url; $arg = $view->date_info->date_arg; add the following line: $view->date_info->year = $view->date_info->year && $view->date_info->year != $view->argument['date_argument']->options['wildcard'] ? $view->date_info->year : date_format($now, ‘Y’);

imap sent or sent items?

Imap rocks, especially since Thunderbird 3.0 and its smart folders allow all email accounts to look like local folders. Emails can be left on the server, where proper backups can be configured, and emails can be accessed from any number of devices and clients, including webmail. Having to nip home to check email is just so 1990s. It’s not all jolly jolly however. Outlook hasn’t yet followed Thunderbird’s lead – each additional imap account means another sheaf of folders to watch for new mail. But the most irritating aspect of everywhere email with multiple clients is the lack of standardisation…
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Siemens SE 587 Dynamic DNS Update script

Quick script I knocked up to update dynamic dns record at freedns.afraid.org, querying the router for its IP address. Uses expect to login via telnet to the router and curl to GET the http update url. #!/bin/bash # Siemens SE 587 freedns update script # Jonathan Cutting mcmlxxii.co.uk # 20/9/2009 # Config router_login=”your_login_name” router_password=”your_login_password” router_address=”″ afraid_url=”your_dynamic_dns_url” afraid_update_url=”http://freedns.afraid.org/dynamic/update.php?YOUR_UPDATE_CODE” # End config dns_record=$(dig +short $afraid_url) ip_address=$(expect -c ” set timeout 15 spawn telnet $router_address expect gin: send \”$router_login\r\” expect word: send \”$router_password\r\” expect > send \”ip show interface ipwan\r\” expect > exit ” | grep Ipaddr | awk ‘{print $3}’ | sed…
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AR5008 and Network Manager.

In both Ubuntu Jaunty and now Karmic, I have been experiencing pretty dreadful wireless performance using a combination of the Atheros AR5008 chipset and the default GNOME connection management tool Network Manager. I have read elsewhere that Network Manager scans at regular intervals for available networks in the vicinity, which appears to have the effect of disassociating the AR5008 from the current access point, and this does indeed seem to be what is happening. In order to test the theory, I installed WICD instead, as I have in the past, and once again WICD fixed the problem. I’m not sure…
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Turning Firefox into a web screensaver using a bash script

There’s a little program available for windows that lets you turn your browser into a screensaver, looping through various web content. However, there are 2 things wrong with it. Firstly it costs money. Secondly it doesn’t run on linux. So what? – we have bash – and after a bit of digging around this morning and combining a few bits and pieces this is my version for Ubuntu Firstly, in order to run firefox full screen we need the AutoHide plugin, which appears to have been written by someone with an interesting sense of humour. Secondly, a small alteration needs…
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Gedit document words autocompletion plugin

I followed a submission to reddit the other day highlighting a few choice plugins for gedit, as I am fond of using the default GNOME text editor. One plugin in particular caught my eye, the document words autocompletion plugin, written by Perriman. Retyping my inventive variable names (not to mention the oft flowery default php function names) is both error-prone and onerous and this plugin is the perfect remedy. The following applies to Ubuntu Intrepid. I’m using 64 bit, but there’s no difference for 32 bit. The plugin is not packaged in with the gedit-plugins package and needs to be…
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PHP class using Imagick – resize, reflect or drop shadow

I’ve been spending a bit of time getting to know PHP classes over the Christmas holiday, and I’ve written a couple to test out my knowledge. The first is an image uploading class, which checks for various problems with files prior to moving them to a destination directory. It checks: that the file actually exists the size to ensure it doesn’t exceed a predetermined maximum that the destination directory exists and is writable that the file is actually a photo file to see that the photo is in an accepted format (tif, jpg, gif, png) before moving the file. The…
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Nvidia 180 on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

EDIT: It seems the packages needed are in Intrepid updates now, so as long as they are enabled in System > Applications > Software Sources they should be installed with a simple sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180 As a long-time (since Gutsy) follower of Ubuntu bug 99508, the one about the badly drawn window decoration (see right), I was thrilled to see that Nvidia’s 180 Beta driver fixed the problem. The driver is packaged up and available in the alpha of Jaunty’s next release, 9.04. However, running the alpha as your main OS is folly, not to…
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