High forked-daapd cpu usage?

So there I was playing with Rhythbox and bemoaning the non-existant DLNA support when I noticed (even though it’s always been there) the DAAP plugin. “What is this DAAP of which you speak?” I thought, and ended up installing mt-daapd. Turns out DAAP is rather good, and there’s even a very useful Android app for [...]

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AR5008 and Network Manager.

In both Ubuntu Jaunty and now Karmic, I have been experiencing pretty dreadful wireless performance using a combination of the Atheros AR5008 chipset and the default GNOME connection management tool Network Manager. I have read elsewhere that Network Manager scans at regular intervals for available networks in the vicinity, which appears to have the effect [...]

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Turning Firefox into a web screensaver using a bash script

There’s a little program available for windows that lets you turn your browser into a screensaver, looping through various web content. However, there are 2 things wrong with it. Firstly it costs money. Secondly it doesn’t run on linux. So what? – we have bash – and after a bit of digging around this morning [...]

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Gedit document words autocompletion plugin

I followed a submission to reddit the other day highlighting a few choice plugins for gedit, as I am fond of using the default GNOME text editor. One plugin in particular caught my eye, the document words autocompletion plugin, written by Perriman. Retyping my inventive variable names (not to mention the oft flowery default php [...]

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PHP class using Imagick – resize, reflect or drop shadow

I’ve been spending a bit of time getting to know PHP classes over the Christmas holiday, and I’ve written a couple to test out my knowledge. The first is an image uploading class, which checks for various problems with files prior to moving them to a destination directory. It checks: that the file actually exists [...]

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Nvidia 180 on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

EDIT: It seems the packages needed are in Intrepid updates now, so as long as they are enabled in System > Applications > Software Sources they should be installed with a simple sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180 As a long-time (since Gutsy) follower of Ubuntu bug 99508, the one about the badly [...]

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FirstClass. On 64 bit AMD64 Ubuntu.

For my OU course in Web Applications Development, I have to use a piece of software called FirstClass, from OpenText. Thankfully the nice people at OpenText have packaged up a version for Debian and Ubuntu, version 8.315-2 (one major release behind Windows admittedly, but perfectly usable). If you’re using a 32 bit version the install [...]

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Amarok, Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10, Bluetooth and Sony MBR-100 Audio Receiver

As we all know Amarok is the best music player in the world, and it’s free. It’s only available on Linux at the moment but the devs are working hard to port it to Windows. Anyway I digress. I wanted to explain how I got Amarok playing on my laptop, accessing my music collection on [...]

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RT73 on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

If you’ve used the Ralink RT73 chipset under Ubuntu for any length of time, you’ll know that the default drivers aren’t yet perfect (some supporting evidence). Some may have had more success, but in my experience they drop out regularly and transfer rates are pretty mediocre. The modules used are the rt2x00usb and rt73usb. These [...]

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