Imap rocks, especially since Thunderbird 3.0 and its smart folders allow all email accounts to look like local folders. Emails can be left on the server, where proper backups can be configured, and emails can be accessed from any number of devices and clients, including webmail. Having to nip home to check email is just so 1990s.

It’s not all jolly jolly however. Outlook hasn’t yet followed Thunderbird’s lead – each additional imap account means another sheaf of folders to watch for new mail. But the most irritating aspect of everywhere email with multiple clients is the lack of standardisation of folder names. Oh yes, there’s always an INBOX. But schizophrenia sets in around the Deleted Items folder, which likes to be Trash now and then. And that email I just dispatched – was it Sent? Or a Sent Item? I’m sure we all agree that Spam is also Junk, but at the risk of being accused of folderism, c’mon, won’t one folder do?

Having the ability to create folders that are instantly available to all my clients is great, truly. But the default four – Inbox, Sent, Trash and Junk – please let us all agree on these. I for one don’t want seven folders for each account where four will do.